Thursday, April 26, 2012

App Store Optimization (ASO) - Is Your Mobile App Optimized?

App Stores are flooded with millions of applications and billions of them are downloaded every day by the users on their devices every month. This current scenario illustrates the rising competition among mobile apps developers for making their app more discoverable.
Therefore, it becomes quite difficult than creating the app itself.

This introduced a new term called App Store Optimization which means optimizing the developed app as per the standards to get the maximum organic traffic. For SEO's sketching app discovery techniques is all new fields to explore. Mobile marketing is a very strong plus competitive for increasing the app visibility along with building the brand name.

Is App Store optimization really needed?

The answer is yes. It is because mobile apps developers from all over the world are creating application and submitting them on all leading platforms which means your app can easily be overlapped by another. Here, arises the need of optimizing the app according to the search pattern of the users on App Store. It will not makes your app more visible but certainly generate organic traffic towards your app.

How we can do App Store Optimization?

These days many new factors are influencing the success and popularity of user's search results on App Stores. Apple's recent Chomp, app discovery engine and Google's use of Google+ endorsements influence on apps are examples of how users are searching the apps nowadays.

Here are some of the important tips that can influence optimization of search results on App Store:

1.App Name: It is advised to use a key search phrase in the Title (name) of your app.
Eg: your key search phrase is Love letters.
Your Title can be: Love letter writing
2.Include App publisher name: Incase you have an established brand name it is advisable to use publisher name in the title.
Eg. Amgen Medical Information
Here Amgen is the publisher name.
3.Apt keywords & description: Keywords play very important role. Analyze your app carefully and look for most relevant keywords suiting your app. Take assistance from Google Ad words or other tools. Also analyze your competitor's app which keywords they are targeting. This will give you fair idea about your own keywords. Write keywords rich descriptions, meta text, images and videos.
4.Reviews and Ratings: Always ask the user who has downloaded and used your app at least 15 times to give a feedback in the form of review or ratings. Also ask the experts to rate your app in terms of search results and functionality. This will give iPhone apps developers' actual status of their application.

Following these points with sheer research can actually generate better search results. Thus, it is necessary that you hire professional iPhone apps developers who are having clear idea about the optimization of apps as per the App Store.

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