Thursday, June 2, 2016

SoZo Coffee Fruit, is Coffee Berry a Scam?

SoZo International" simply launched this previous November in Dallas Texas. Their product -- their flagship ingredient "CoffeeBerry", has been at the heart of a 7-12 months research process aimed toward discovering the important thing to unlocking the dietary superfood generally known as the coffee fruit. Do you know that there was a fruit that grew around the bean? I didn't either. However the quantity two commodity on the planet, the espresso bean, is hardly a BEAN at all. It's truly a seed. Its the seed of certainly one of Nature's most nutritionally-potent and antioxidant-ample fruits science has ever found. Hidden in plain sight, which is what SoZo desires you to consider...but is it for real? Can you actually belief an MLM company who all they need is to take your money?

The espresso fruit, on a a gram for gram foundation, claims to blow considered one of their favorite berries out of the water -- the blueberry. In the ORAC (oxygen radical absorbance capacity) testing on blueberries, they boast a powerful 2,406 umol TE per 100g, which is greater than double and triple that of its nearest competitors ( apples, cranberries, prunes, pink grapes). But who's the lab that gives this report? Are they respected and has their science been confirmed? This new technology claims to have the ability to stabilize and extract the raw energy of the coffee fruit, and they declare that scientific research reveal the coffee fruit extract yields 625 occasions the ORAC depend of contemporary blueberries, it is actually off the charts, however what does that basically imply?

And that's only one ingredient that's on this blend which leads to questions. The entire functional beverage supposedly has many more beneficial components, but how have you learnt? SoZo International's product claims that it has an ORAC value of 114,351 items per liter, however do you actually know what which means? Supposedly because of this a 3-ounce serving has the equal antioxidant activity of 20 servings of fruit and veggies, but have you ever been able to independently check and confirm these claims?

SoZo claims it has no added sugars, no preservatives, and no chemical substances to enhance the flavor or color, however can you verify this? It claims that it's all pure -- that every little thing that's within SoZo is delivered in its purest and uncooked extract form -- that approach you get the advantages of consuming all of the vegetables and fruit which can be within the mix, however how are you aware for sure? The serving size for SoZo is three fluid ounces, and you can take 1.5 ounceswithin the morning and 1.5 ozat lunch. This concept of extremely accessible and convenient / prime quality product is the future of Well being & Wellness; and this firm in line with all their senseless followers who are solely concerned with financial gain claim it is light years ahead of the remainder, but is available to the market now. MonaVie as an equally unscupulous MLM practical beverage paved the way for all functional beverage corporations to exist, and now the market itself is huge (approx. $28 Billion now, WAS $9 Billion again in 2007). MonaVie does comprise preservatives and added sugars, and the acai berry is not an unique indregient to MonaVie, so what makes you suppose SoZo is any totally different?

The remaining components that make up your complete SoZo mix, (Sensoril, Fruit XB, Acai Berry, VitaGranate, Reservatrol, Quercitin, Grapeseed Extract, and many others...) actually put this product in a category of it is personal, especially when you haven't any way of verifying whether or not or not it is actual. This product claims to supply vitamin the body needs within the 5 major diet deficiencies America suffers in the present day (as a result of all the pre-processed, preservative loaded junk we all consume).

SoZo claims that it supplies health advantages focused on:

>Vitamins and Minerals (necessity for cardiovascular health)

>Antioxidants (free radical fighters)

>Anti-Irritation (bone and joint well being)

>Vitality Management (no more Crimson Bulls please, thats simply caffeine and sugar)

>Auto-Immune Defenses (defending your vital organs from disease)

SoZo's product claims that it has all 5 of these main areas lined, but can

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